Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Last week I hopped on the Eurostar and headed to Bruges (or Brugge, whatever floats your boat). It was such a quick and easy journey - the lack of flying somehow takes it out of you less - which is great when you're on a short city break. 
It's a lovely, lovely city with beautiful old buildings, quiet backstreets and  a m a z i n g  chips (Bruges is famous for them, along with chocolate, waffles and beer). 

Tom Ford Cary shades, Monsoon striped dress (incredibly accommodating of waffles and chip over-consumption)

Whistles blouse, Topshop Jamie jeans and sandals
De Republiek's courtyard

Despite my wardrobe planning (see below) the weather did a u-turn and that pesky jet stream finally decided to get a shift on just in time for our trip. So the weather went from rainy 17 degrees to beautifully sunny 30 degrees! This was brilliant of course, but meant my carefully planned packing list had to be scrapped. In place of light khaki jackets and Isabel Marant sneakers were my staple broderie anglaise cotton blouses, striped dresses, sandals and shades. 

I'd thoroughly recommend Bruges as a destination for a short break - it was beautiful in the July sunshine and heat, but I have an inkling that it would be pretty darn special in Spring or early Autumn and downright magical in December.

MY FAVOURITE THING TO DO: Riding a bicycle
Everyone cycles around Bruges, tourists and residents alike. Cars are shockingly respectful and it's a great way to get around. We hired bikes for the day and cycled out of the city alongside the canals nearly reaching the border with Netherlands apparently...! Oh and the 30 minute boat ride around the canals, though touristy, is not to be missed.

Sint-Jakobsstraat 36
Such good music, lovely atmosphere and stupendous drinks menu. Waiters take your drinks order from your table which adds a nice touch to proceedings, wouldn't you agree? By the end the waiter knew we were there for the Amaretto Sour and Gin Fizz cocktails and very little else. 

Eirmarkt 9
This restaurant served my favourite meal in Bruges, the Flemish beef stew served with chips (what else?!). We sat outside the restaurant looking out upon a mini square and looking up at the hot air balloons passing overhead. 

Next time: We missed out on two restaurants I'd been very keen to hit up because they were BOTH closed during our stay:  Bistro Den Huzaar, Vlamingstraat 36 and Kaffe Pergola, Steenhouwersdijk City Centre


Oh and P to the S.... The Bazils STILL haven't had their first outing because of the sunny weather - the fact they're still in their box is breaking my friggin' heart - I'm crying inside - so I'm taking them out for steak frites on Saturday. They deserve a treat. 


  1. Yay! I LOOOOVE Brugge! By far, one of my favorite little towns to visit. The medieval architecture is so gorgeous at night with the colored lights shining upon them. And I agree, the fries (chips) from the street vendor were the perfect midnight snack while walking along the canals. Glad to hear that you had a great time and can't wait to see your new Bazils!

  2. I've always wanted to go there!!! You lucky lady! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. @ Teresa: It's so lovely there isn't it? Really glad I went there and discovered somewhere new. It's so nice to stroll around at night I agree - the architecture makes it magical. Hopefully I'll be showing off the Bazils soon!! X

    @ Emmy: You should definitely go for a short break there if you ever get the chance! I wholeheartedly recommend it! X


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