Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Apologies to sound like a stuck record, but I am fast becoming obsessed with Topshop's new season offerings. The latest recipient of my love and devotion? Another coat. 
Well, a coatigan to be precise. A coatigan of mushroom-boucle-wondrousness. It's so effortlessly cool that Topshop have even named this a 'throw-on' coatigan. You're that freakin' laid back and pleased with your personal style that you just 'throw it on' before leaving the house. Fussing is not for you, heavens no.

God I'm boring aren't I. But I never seem to find coats that work well for me, and end up wearing just one that I'm not 100% happy with all Autumn and Winter and hating my lack of style and finesse. So this year I'm overjoyed at the prospect that this might just be the season where everything changes. Where people say, "here comes Olivia, in another stupendous coat. Pfff." (It's our dreams that sustain us, people.)

But in all seriousness, this is a LOVELY coat and I thoroughly recommend you getting your mitts on it too if you can. Perfect weekend attire, evening stroll attire, polished, effortless everyday attire. You get my drift. 

P.S. yes I did turn the cuffs up when I tried it on. I seem to do this on everything. My boyfriend knows when I have stolen his jumpers/coats/everything because this is the evidence trail I leave in my wake.


  1. This is gorgeous! I'm a massive fan of cocoon shaped coats - I was given an amazing black one I can't wait to get out in winter! xx

    South Molton St Style

  2. I do that with everything I own, too! Nice coat, can't wait for cooler weather.

  3. Love this shape and the colour is lovely too.

  4. I have a 'coatigan' from Zara that I bought a few years ago and I love it! It's so comfy in winter. De x

  5. Great coat! I like the shape and the simple zipper.

  6. Gorgeous coat and a really unusual colour for winter. I love your watch too! Where's it from?

  7. Great coat. Love the shape and the coulour. After seeing your posts I'm afraid of going to Topshop. It can result in major financial damage...


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