Saturday, 4 August 2012


See what I did there? Topshop is on fire for Autumn/Winter. The first new season bits and bobs started appearing over the past few weeks and they're soooo good. 
During that recent spell of Autumnal weather, people in London were starting (tentatively and begrudgingly) to break out their new season pieces. But then the sun came back and it was back to high summer. I for one like to save my precious Autumn purchases until the time is really right. 
If I had a beautiful antique trunk, I'd put my recent purchases into said trunk. 
It's no secret that often the best bits of the chilly season come out during the summer and it pays to pre-buy even before the leaves start to fall and the drizzle sets in for good. And there are certainly a few key pieces I'm keen to bag asap.

You saw my new coat in my last excitable post - I'm still very pleased about it and shall be for some time. Whilst in Topshop, making the coat my own, I was rather keen to add a few more items to my shopping basket, but financial restraints have to be considered and hammered home by loved ones at all times and so I could only give in to the coat. I'll be adding the below to my Autumn would-be-trunk soon I hope. Very soon.

Untitled #15
Spike necklace, denim dress, bead necklace navy jumper, lurex thread jumper, faux fur gilet, charcoal woolly hat, western denim jacket with shearling-ish collar, wine Jamie jeans

If I were only to get one thing from this list - who am I kidding - it would be the denim dress. Deceptively simple but it is the perfect denim dress that I've been looking for forever and a day. My boyfriend is dubious, he hates denim in any other incarnation than jeans and even has a fear of the pearlised buttons found on denim shirts... I'm not overly sure what his problem is but it's deep rooted. Regardless, so good is this dress that I simply don't care. I'm going to wear it with woolly tights and my Isabel Marant black sneakers with my new boyfriend coat casually thrown over the top. The thought makes my heart flutter. It really does.

The fur gilet will be the queen of wardrobe layering. I want to do it in a nice way though, over khaki and with boucle jackets, NOT extensions and fake tan. The jumpers are just chic, pretty and easy and I'm drawn to the denim jacket because I think it is something a bit different and will be a tonic to all the khaki jackets with leather arms that are going to be multiplying before our eyes rather soon.

Lastly - a word on the jeans. Yes they're in a delicious deep burgundy colour, but the best part is that they are the high waisted, ankle grazer Jamie jeans. Jean nirvana, I kid you not. Some Jamie jeans are not cut this way - be warned. So when I come across them it's a sprint to the till. They fall precisely on the most flattering part of the ankle, are stretchy (allowing for knee bending and proper circulation for health and well being) and are high waisted without being too high waisted if ya know what I mean. It means denim wearing does not become a constant hitching marathon every time I wish to move, or say, reach across the table for a biscuit. My dignity in these jeans remains intact at all times and because of all the above, they are comfortable. Not always a given with skinny jeans.

I urge you to dash to Topshop soon - brilliant bits are hitting the rails on a daily basis. 



  1. I can't wait to wear similar colour jeans this fall!

  2. I BLOODY LOVE Jamie Jeans!!!xxx

    1. ME TOO! Do you know what I mean about them always changing though? You can never be 100% sure what material/tightness/leg length you're going to get! X

  3. oh, it seems that I've to pay a visit to Topshop very soon :)
    My favourite among these pieces has to be the denim dress. It's so cool. Don't believe your boyfriend won't like it (it doesn't even have pearlised buttons anyway :)
    The jumpers seem very nice. I'm looking for some slouchy jumpers in neutral colours (black, grey), so these might be a good option.

    Your new coat is beautiful, by the way. Really, really like it. It will look great with your Bazil sneakers.
    I bought a coat from Topshop a few seasons back and it is still in great condition. It's certainly good value for money.

    1. The denim dress arrived today - I love it so!! It's such a perfect shape, slightly oversized. I think my boyfriend will have to put up with it! And you read my mind about my new coat with the sneakers - I tired that combination out the other day and was a tad overjoyed!
      Thanks for stopping by the blog - I really appreciate it! X

  4. I love all of it! I've had a hit and miss experience with Topshop. I bought two jumpers last year and they became bobbled after the first couple of washes, and a dress shrunk quite dramatically. I love their t shirts though.

    I am in love with the denim dress, which I too have been searching for. Is it mid thigh length? I'd like to belt it but I don't want to flash my underwear!


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