Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Today just seems like one of those days when trying to work is a feat akin to climbing Ben Nevis. So I thought putting together a little blog post diarising the festive period would make me feel a smidgen more productive than sitting at my desk, tapping my pencil every now and then until enough time has passed to warrant making another cup of earl grey. I'm painfully aware I've been neglecting my blog far too much and hope to rectify this very soon!

It has been a lovely few days: Christmas and my birthday at home before taking the train up to Scotland for Hogmanay. I haven't included any New Year's Eve photos in this collection though, I'm hoping to dedicate a post to the evening over the next few days. 
As you can see, I believe in wearing your cracker hat from the minute it is retrieved from its cardboard home until as close to the end of Christmas day as humanly possible. I try to force my belief upon everyone else, with mixed results. 
From left to right, top to bottom: Muppet Christmas Carol, ugly but delicious homemade mince pies, presents under the tree, our venue for New Year's Eve in Scotland (more on that to follow), beautifully wrapped presents if I say so myself, our Christmas table, and what I discovered under the tree: ASOS earrings, Whistles cashmere and Jo Malone.

I hope you had a brilliant Christmas and New Year! 


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