Thursday, 6 December 2012


It's not like me to let nigh on 5 days of December pass by before uploading my Christmas list to le blog. But I've been hideously busy with work and squeezing in a trip to The Pig in the New Forest for my boyfriend's birthday (it was blooming INCREDIBLE. For a spot on review head over to Milly's blog). I have been neglecting my Christmas and birthday montage for far too long. Yes that's right, Christmas and birthday within three days of each other. Pretty darn tough on the joint-present side.
Anywho, I digress. Here is my festive montage in all its glory!
Untitled #18

 The recurring theme this year seems to be a desperation for cashmere and Jo Malone. I suppose something about this time of year makes me want to stockpile cashmere like a mad person and smell darn good doing it. 
I'm hoping to don the grey cashmere Whistles dress and beautiful jewelled ASOS earrings on Christmas day. Can you think of anything more comfortable?
The Reiss dress found its way on to the montage because this year I'm heading to Scotland for New Year's Eve and would love a party dress befitting the occasion. I've seen this fellow in store and it is uber cool whilst looking something like a wrapped present. I love it.
One member of the montage doesn't require much explanation. I would ruddy LOVE to revel in a little Marant for my 25th birthday bash - hint hint to the man in my life!
I always enjoy flannel nightwear post-Christmas and this grey check night shirt from The White Company is just the ticket. Unlike most nightshirts it is not ridiculously short. It's what I like to think of as a cosy length rather than a sort of attempt-to-be-sexy length. That's not what I look for in my flannel nightwear. Heavens no. When not in my nightshirt, I'd like to be lounging in front of the Downton Christmas special wearing the navy cashmere Cos joggers.
This year I'd also like to get more serious about hair care. I won't lie - after seeing the brilliant Bumble & Bumble video recording the Man Repeller's quest for french hair I had to get my hands on this pomade. So much so that my boyfriend's sister in law in America kindly got hold of it for me and it'll be winging its way to me in time for my birthday. A Parlux hairdryer would also be a dream addition - I've heard only good things and would be ridiculously excited to call this my own. Not to mention at the moment I currently haul a humongous hairdryer around and this compact Parlux one would open up precious suitcase inches for other things.
Outrageous  aspirational gifts aside, I always love adding to the old DVD collection and after reading a (admittedly rather a trashy chick-lit) novel about Meryl Streep films this summer, I'm anxious to see Heartburn (I've just finished the book) and Kramer vs Kramer. I also recently discovered Natalie Duncan on Weekend Wogan (I love radio 2 - don't knock it it's my thing) and am eager to add her album to my collection.
You may or may not know, depending on whether you follow my nattering on twitter, but I'm a quiet, closet, behind closed door fan of the Real Housewives. Specifically OC and NY if you're curious. Partial to a bit of Beverly Hills too though. Given this, and my new found love for Carole Radziwill, I'm keen to read her New York Times Bestseller: 'What Remains'. You can probably tell I'm not a literary snob - I just like to read what I'm drawn to and that can range from aforementioned chick lit to serious reads the likes of which one wouldn't be ashamed to bring up at a party. (My sister has been known to say I only read things with cupcakes on the cover. My reputation has never recovered).
Last but not least, I'd be overjoyed to receive a Garance Dore poster. I just know it would look brilliant framed in my flat - there is something so lovely about this caped girl.
I hope you're enjoying compiling your Christmas lists and enjoying the joys of December in general. It really is the best time of year in my humble opinon.


  1. Nice list! Those earrings would be great for anytime! I'm still thinking about what's on my Christmas list..

  2. I haven't made much of a Christmas list (aside from trying to hint o my bf to get me the Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse slippers) but I do like yours. I hope your man buys you the IM jacket, I can imagine in the winter time it would be a gorgeous piece to drape over your birthday/party dress! x

  3. Great round up! Love Jo Malone. You have a lovely blog x

  4. Super list my dear! And thanks for the shout out!xx

  5. What a wonderful list! I can't believe how similar our tastes are. Jo Malone! Smythson. I did a review on the IM Ariana jacket and ...... so in love with it.

    1. Yes I saw your review one day when I was feverishly googling the jacket!! It's so lovely! But I better not get my hopes too outrageously high :)

  6. Lovely list. Hope your dreams come true. I purchased quite a bit of Smythson and Jo Malone for loved ones this Christmas.

  7. Great choices!


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