Friday, 22 February 2013

Snapshots of things I've been up to and bits and bobs I've been purchasing over the past few weeks. From L - R:

Top row: lovely blustery beach walks in Devon, one of my bestest pal's 26th birthday cake, pancakes and bacon for my brother in law's birthday. 

Middle row: New beach cover up from Topshop - so beautiful. Now I just have to wait for a summer holiday! The colourful Zara coat I am currently lusting after for early Spring, tea served at Taylor Taylor salon in Spitalifields. 

Bottom row : The much needed Tangle Teezer for my newly dyed locks, new leopard print shoes courtesy of Topshop, and last but not least... my newly obre-d hair! 

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  1. Ooh, I have also been eyeing that Zara coat! We don't have Zara where I live but I first saw it online, then I was in San Francisco and looked at it at the store...didn't try it on, though. It seemed like the quality was alright for the price, though I wish it would come down a bit. Did you try it on? What were your thoughts? I love the idea but worry it might be too colorful...

    1. I love that its colourful - but it is VERY colourful! I'd wear it with really simple things - blue jeans, white blouse etc. it's really nice quality though, £80 seemed very reasonable! I've yet to buy it but hopefully soon! Let me know if you take the plunge. X

  2. Your hair looks great! And those shoes are a perfect buy!


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