Saturday, 16 March 2013



Apologies for my unplanned leave of blog-absence! I'm afraid work and the looming exam period has taken over. Hopefully I'll be able to get the knack of super human time management and not neglect the blog completely over the next two months! 
I had a few hours spare this afternoon and had a splendid time pottering around the shops. In addition to some pretty rad silver leather converses which I sadly did not photograph (but trust me, they're the stuff dreams are made of), I encountered the above pieces which will be being included in my spring/summer wardrobe. I made a sort-of promise to myself that I wouldn't buy any more purely winter things seeing as it is SUPPOSED TO BE SPRING. I am a dreadful summer wardrobe planner and summer dresser, and I'm hoping to improve this year by getting my game together nice and early. I'm a winter soul, so summer dressing doesn't come naturally to me. I end up eBaying most of my summer wear when the first leaf  starts to quiver in Autumn, and then by the time the freak early-spring heat wave arrives, I have absolutely nothing to wear. I panic buy and fill my summer wardrobe with awkward things that I don't enjoy wearing. I don't want to do it this year. I won't do it this year. 
In the winter I enjoy quite a simple, minimalist aesthetic which I find quite hard to snap out of in the summer. But in truth I like to add more colour to my summer 'drobe (who doesn't?), and like to compliment simple shapes and colours with an spot of ikat print and tribal detailing. I become obsessed with the idea of tops that conjure up an air of Mama Mia (the film) - don't ask me why. I love Greece, perhaps that's it.

Colour also comes from statement jewellery  - but none of those neon, oversized jewel necklaces that H&M have the market wrapped up for. Oh no, I once again lean towards the tribal. Set against something simple or proudly clashing with a patterned top or dress. The Monsoon blue necklace is perfect for this kind of idea. 
I love this white and blue flowing top from Zara - it's very on the sheer side so I plan to throw it over plain bikinis with cut off denim shorts for afternoon holiday strolls. 
This beautiful lace top, also from Zara, is just perfection. It'll be perfect for home or away, again with denim I think.
For my all-to-brief shopping trip my outfit was altogether more wintery, in keeping with our current weather! Uniqlo boucle coat, Whistles cashmere jumper, Topshop Leigh coated jeans, Report Jude biker boots and Balenciaga City bag. 

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  1. Looks like you are adding some gorgeous pieces to your summer wardrobe - That Zara blouse is just lovely by the way! I always find it really difficult to dress for the winter, I suppose because I've had trouble deciding what particular aesthetic I want to lean towards, and combining this with a work wardrobe always seems to be a little difficult. It's had not to cull and eBay out of season though - I find I often tackle my winter wardrobe in the summer and then fully regret it once it becomes cold!


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