Thursday, 21 March 2013


This past week featured a belated birthday present trip to The Hand & Flowers in Marlow and an overnight stay in the Olde Bell in Hurley. It was such a lovely couple of days that I think it's best to split my posts about it in two: the hotel today, with the restaurant-incredibleness to follow. 

The Olde Bell is an old coaching house with parts within it dating back to 1135 - guaranteeing many a perfectly creaky floorboard and necessary ducking under mottled wooden beams. The history of the building is brilliantly preserved whilst sympathetic modernity ensures a luxuriously comfortable and cosy stay. Who doesn't love a retro red Roberts radio? And white wall tiles in the bathroom get me every time - there is something rather New York about it I always think. (That might just be me - I've never been!)
Sadly we didn't have time to dine in the restaurant, but if breakfast was anything to go by it definitely would not have disappointed, plus I've read wonderful reviews about the restaurant too. 
We did have a drink downstairs before going out which was a little curious I must admit. There was no music playing so it was deathly quiet (apart from the odd crackle from the fire) and I was sure I'd read on another review that they served lovely rhubarb and prosecco cocktails (which I was more.than.excited. about) but the friendly barman looked a little baffled when I inquired so I stuck with straight prosecco. 
Rhubarb prosecco cocktail aside, everything was so lovely and I'd heartily recommend a visit if ever you are in need of a night away from London. It's only 30 minutes from South West London and 45 to central London, but you really do feel like you're so far away from the hustle and bustle... 
But close enough to get back in a jiffy when you start to miss it. 



  1. Thankyou for posting The Olde Bell.... it looks fab, hoping to have a weekend away soon so may check it out...Great blog by the way, very cool and stylish!! x

    1. Thank you! If you're having a weekend away soon you should also consider The Pig in The New Forest - it's sooo good! X


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