Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Untitled #24

Yes I may only be going away for a long weekend... BUT. I like to have options, and firmly believe it's only right that my boyfriend gives up two thirds of his suitcase in the interests of this. 
As you may know, I spent some time earlier in the season gradually building up my summer wardrobe. Some of these bits and pieces are featured above, but I'm saving quite a few for a trip to America at the end of June. 
I couldn't wait to pack a few things I've been looking forward to wearing though: a Zara combination crochet blouse (the arms on this are beautiful) and a Monsoon bohemian blouse to wear with worn denim or cut off shorts, an amazing print dress also from Zara and a beautifully worked cream cover up from Topshop. 
Most of the other elements are classics or old favourites: jeans cut to the ankle, converses, black Havaianas, Dicker boots, grey tees, white blouses and trusty one pieces. 
My poolside reading? Gossip by Beth Gutcheon.



  1. LOL. I don't think I could convince my BF to give me any of his suitcase space - when we went to Europe his suitcase weighed 5kg more than mine did! Loving your packing list too by the way :)

    1. Poor you! At least that'll mean you'll get really good at only packing the essentials! X


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