Tuesday, 4 June 2013


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I'm off to France for a long weekend this coming Friday, and as per, one of the bits I'm looking forward to the most (and my boyfriend will do his darndest to curtail) is scuttling around duty free in Heathrow's stupendous Terminal 5. I literally cannot wait. 

I must admit I've already ordered the Supergoop face serum and lip balm (I don't know if I would have found this in the airport and as we all know, sun protection is not something to take a chance with!)
I'm hoping to visit Clarins for sure, and am crossing my fingers that there will be a Laura Mercier stand somewhere. I'm out of my ever-faithful illuminating tinted moisturiser. Likewise, I'm hoping I'll be able to seek out Origins too - I've decided it's time to look into eye care products and reign in my perennially puffy under-eye bags. Looking tired at all times ain't cute. I'd really welcome any eye cream recommendations you have!

I'm definitely going to buy Hydraluron soon after reading so many good things about it, and am entertaining a vague hope that it might (for some reason) be a little cheaper in the airport Boots. 

Once in France, I'll naturally be popping over to the nearest pharmacy like a woman possessed, clearing the shelves of Bioderma Crealine in one fell swoop, like you do. But I'm also keen to secure La Roche-Posay's Serozinc.

Last but not least, the sunglasses trying on session. No airport visit would be complete without it - oh how I love it.The dream scenario would be being left alone by the Karen Walker stand for long enough to find my perfect pair. 


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  1. I'm looking for new sunglasses as well..


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