Wednesday, 17 July 2013


I'm a huuuuge fan of Lipstick Queen by Poppy King. My favourite all-time every day lipstick is without a doubt Jean Queen. I left it in Devon this weekend following my visit home, and I miss it dreadfully. Whilst I wait to be reunited with my One, I'm happy to be distracted by the new Endless Summer collection which is made up of 3 great shades: nude, hot pink and coral. I plumped for the coral 'Stoked' shade in the end, though it was a close run thing with Perfect Wave (the pink).
I also picked up the Chinatown Glossy Pencil in Cameo. I was after a very subtle nude, something to add a polished gloss to lips that is a step above a simple slick of balm. And this delivers! The only thing I'd say is it does veer ever so ever so slightly towards that chalky quality some nude shades have IF applied to poorly prepped lips. Lips need to be moisturised and nicely exfoliated before application. I wasn't able to satisfactorily capture the shade on film, because it is subtle, but I'd definitely recommend it. 
As you can see, I did attempt to photograph the Stoked lipstick in action, and it was harder than I thought!! I'd say in reality the colour is just a little brighter. 
 I know what one looks for in a lipstick is different for everyone, but I personally always look for a sheer, glossy, lightweight lipstick. Because of this I'm drawn to the Clinique Chubby Sticks and the like. If that's the kind of lipstick that floats your boat, I think you'll definitely find your dream lipstick amongst Lipstick Queen's offerings. 


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