Monday, 2 December 2013


I wore my new Whistles Frankie Down Fill Bomber to visit the deer in Richmond Park this weekend. I tell you, our last few visits to the park have been rather adrenaline-filled thanks to rutting season! There are huge dear behaving erratically all over the place and they have a tendency of popping up very suddenly just a few metres away from where you're strolling. This leads to me getting wide-eyed, a touch SAS-like and beating a retreat through the brush. In the above pictures I was keeping my beady eyes on them at all times in case they made any sudden moves in my direction. I was ready.

I digress. This is my new coat from Whistles which I adore. I've been on the hunt for a down coat since last year and have finally bitten the bullet and opted for this Whistles offering. I had always thought Uniqlo would deliver, but was frightfully disappointed when their down coat arrived on my doorstep. On me, it was nipped in at the waist and very long - not the thing at all. The fur trim, whilst detachable, was rather thin and limp. All in all, a bit sad. 
When I noticed this little fellow on the Whistles website, I acted swiftly and am very pleased I did. It's super warm and, as with so many Whistles pieces, is very luxe looking whilst remaining subtle and doing the job you want it to do. I find Whistles coats size quite large, so I got mine in a size 6. 

I'm wearing: Whistles down coat, Topshop Jamie jeans, Hunter wellies and Pure Collection cashmere gloves


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