Wednesday, 23 April 2014


A few of my favourite pictures from our week-long trip to Essaouira in Morocco. It was all pots of fresh mint tea, bowl picking and bartering in the bustling souk, marvelling at the camels and cow-laden lorries that appeared out of nowhere before heading back to our lovely hotel to read by the pool and enjoy drinks on the terrace (during which time I spent many an hour ogling the painfully chic French families who were there during our stay. Suffice to say it was a Marant-fest. My whole wardrobe felt redundant after just ten seconds of watching them!) 

We stayed at the absolutely beautiful Jardin des Douars, just 15 minutes from the Essaouira's seaside Medina. 

Two restaurants that I recommend very, very highly are La Table by Madada for amazing seafood dishes and Umia (I won't be forgetting their salted caramel chocolate mousse in a hurry that's for darn sure). Be sure to pop in to Taros Cafe before or after supper (or both!) for rooftop drinks with a sunset view and live music.    



  1. Hello! What is that beautiful skirt you're wearing in the final picture? It looks lush and perfect for your trip. Hope you had a fabulous time :-)

    1. It's actually lace midi dress from ASOS! I had a lovely time, thank you! X


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