Tuesday, 13 November 2012


There are quite a few new additions that I've been very keen to share on le blog but just keep not getting round to! It's shameful. 
So in the spirit of rectifying this situation I thought I would share my new trainers. They were love at first sight when I clapped eyes on them on Man Repeller. My feelings for the shoes multiplied at the thought of them with pea coats and leather trousers. I don't mind taking total inspiration from Leandra (or nicking her suggested look if you like) because I find I'm most sartorially inspired by other people's outfits - hence my near-obsession with personal style blogs. 

In fact, truth be told, in a lot of instances I fall in love with clothes or shoes or bags that I see on other people. Yes I pick things up in shops because I'm drawn to them without having seen them on anyone else and my personal style streak is alive and kicking, but it is probably not confidently individual enough to go it alone. I appreciate the inspiration of others - and love it when seeing something on someone else that you love can breathe something new into your wardrobe and evolve your personal style.  
I think if you can take bits and pieces of inspiration from other people and slot them into your own style your conscience should be clear! Tis most likely how the world of style goes round and round.

I know lots of bloggers have been getting into their New Balances, but they are my boyfriend's shoe of choice at the moment and I simply refuse to go down the matching footwear route. Also I prefer the shape of these fellows - there is something mean and pointy about some New Balance trainers. 
They are, as you'd expect, the most comfortable things going. After years and years of suffering for the sake of footwear (mostly winter over exposure in ballet pumps) these new kicks made walking a veritable walk in the park. 
I see their role in my wardrobe as stylish errand runners - popping to the supermarket, collecting dry cleaning, strolling along by the river having a natter. 

I paired them with a Gap navy blue peacoat and grey sweater and ancient Topshop leather leggings.



  1. I need to invest in a new pair of running shoes, and Nike has always been my go-to brand. Very tempted by something bright and funky like these! X

    1. It's funny you should say that because I although I bought these trainers for fashion purposes, I've actually been running in them lots! There a very different feeling to running in my asics, and I don't think I'm not sure how they'd compare for outdoor running, but I love them on the treadmill. I wouldn't call it a bare foot feeling like they say, but you someone feel the floor more in a good, still cushioned, way. However, you're a much better runner than me over much longer distances if your tweets are anything to go by!! :) It's definitely nice to have a bright running shoe - makes me enjoy the run that little bit more! X

    2. They look very similar to my Nike Lunar Glides, which has been my running shoe choice for the past few years - and before that I was very loyal to my Nike Air Pegasus. I can only run on air based trainers though, so haven't opted for a pair of gel-based Asics yet. I know what you mean about treadmill running v. outdoor running though, I seem to have so many running shoes depending on what I need to use them for...same with cycling too. It's madness really. I hope you continue to enjoy your running! X

  2. Nice purchase! Actually the Man Repeller herself will be in my city tomorrow!

  3. What a great way to brighten up a winters day. I really want a pair myself, but am terrified of just looking like one of those office worker women who wear sneakers with their work-wear on their commute into the city haha.

    But you may just have swayed me!

  4. Very cute. I've got a similar pair of Nikes (but in purple) but only wear them in the gym. After seeing your pictures above I think I'll try to match them with other outfits.
    (on a separate note, you look great in those leather leggings. I gave up on trying to find a pair. My legs are not 'leather friendly'...)


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